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GoldMine Web
The right Customer Relationship Management solution can empower
the entire sales process. It’s imperative that sales teams have access to
a flexible CRM system that allows them to complete their sales
management work from their current location. Acting quickly to close  
a sale and capitalize on an opportunity can give businesses the edge in
their industry. It's with this objective in mind that
GoldMine® Web
was created.

® Web provides key contact and activity management. Its
intuitive interface is perfect for users needing only basic contact
management features like:

  • Contact Record Management
  • Calendar Day/Week/Month View
  • Call and Sale Scheduling and Completing
  • Send/Receive/Link Email Messages
  • Access Key Fields
  • View Customer Field Screens
  • Support Key Field Attributes - Lookups
  • Opportunity Management
  • Case Management
  • User Security

And the best part is it's included free in GoldMine® Premium Edition.

A PDF brochure is available:
GoldMine® Web
GoldMine Web
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