Customer Relationship Management from RJ Consulting Services
Customer Relationship Management from RJ Consulting Services
ConstantContact and GoldMine from RJ Consulting Services, LLC
RJ Consulting Services, LLC
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Oklahoma City, OK-based customer relationship management software providers, RJ Consulting Services have just
announced that their GoldMine Premium product can be integrated with ConstantContact to offer business leaders a
method of improving the returns from email marketing. The integration between ConstantContact and GoldMine Premium
means that companies can now utilize the analytics data from ConstantContact as part of their approach to lead
generation through GoldMine Premium. It’s an integration that will streamline the sales process for a broad range of

Email marketing provides sales team members with the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with their leads.
But most email marketing programs only allow a certain level of contact between a sales team member and a prospect.
But through integration with customer relationship management software, sales teams members can improve the value of
email communication with prospects and ensure they’re reaching the right lead at the right time during their buying cycle.
It’s the type of seamless sales technique that can now be harnessed through the integration of GoldMine Premium and

Through the integration between the two products, sales teams will now be able to see who has responded to an email
offer and be able to reach out to those qualified prospects within the same software. By using GoldMine’s filtering
capabilities, users will also now be able to prepare lists of qualified prospects for targeted email campaigns. It’s a
precise, refined email marketing solution that could change the way in which many sales and marketing team members
complete their day-to-day work

To learn more about GoldMine Premium’s integration with ConstantContact, please contact the team at RJ Consulting
Services directly at 1-405-720-3987 or visit their business website at
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ConstantContact and GoldMine from RJ Consulting Services, LLC
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