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Customer Relationship Management from RJ Consulting Services
QuoteWerks for GoldMine from RJ Consulting Services, LLC
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RJ Consulting Services Introduces their Latest Feature Product: QuoteWerks

Oklahoma City, OK-based software developers, RJ Consulting Services are now inviting clients to review the range of
benefits offered by their feature QuoteWerks product. QuoteWerks is a specialized software product designed to help
simplify the process of creating sales quotes and proposals. QuoteWerks is also designed for streamlined integration
with RJ Consulting Services’ flagship GoldMine Premium product, to help ensure all data within the GoldMine system
can be harnessed within the quoting process. The system works intuitively to use GoldMine customer contact
information within the quote and to insert GoldMine data fields to allow for customized quotes to be printed with ease
and precision. This integration is further highlighted by the process of saving a quote in QuoteWerks, which then
automatically creates a new document in the links tab within GoldMine. It’s the ideal solution for organizing and finding
quotes within the GoldMine system!
Sales team members can find themselves weighed down at the office by the number of administrative tasks involved in
their role. These tasks take time away from meetings with customers and from empowering the sales process and can
impact a company’s productivity considerably over time. To reduce the sales team members’ workload, it’s imperative
that management staff provide them with the latest software systems that help automate working processes such as
quoting prices. Now, the team at RJ Consulting Services is offering a product that assures this high level of sales
process automation.
QuoteWerks is designed to make the process of quoting more consistent and make sales team members more competitive
in reaching out to prospects. The software allows team members to import their product information from programs such
as Excel and QuickBooks. It also presents sales teams with information on when their quotes are viewed and accepted,
to minimize the need to send follow-up emails to the prospect.
To learn more on the benefits of Quotewerks, please contact the team at RJ Consulting Services directly at (405)720-
3987 or visit their business website at
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QuoteWerks for GoldMine from RJ Consulting Services, LLC
QuoteWerks News Release
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