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iGoldMine from RJ Consulting Services
iGoldMine for Web Access from RJ Cosulting Services, LLC
The power of GoldMine® Premium Edition is in the ability to track
customer relations across individuals and teams through the entire
customer life cycle.
iGoldMine Plus offers the full functionality
of GoldMine
® Premium Edition on a PC or Mac with added
security by eliminating the need to have locally stored information.
Web based access enables organizations to administer, deliver and
update applications from a central location to a wide variety of
users. All information helps remote users function more effectively
and productively in creating and fulfilling new business
opportunities. iGoldMine Plus is a great solution for anyone who
needs to access their customer information remotely.

You can run iGoldMine Plus either inside the browser with
® and Java® Plug-ins or as an extension of it with native
® and MAC OS clients. This provides a seamless,
easy-to-access interface, as well as control over screen size and
application switching.
Key Benefits:

  • Deliver GoldMine® application to distributed teams
  • Connect over a local network, the Internet or a VPN
  • Support the use of multiple desktop operating systems or platforms
  • Keep data secure on the server behind your corporate firewall
  • Access real-time data through one centralized database
  • Turn legacy Windows® applications into Web-enabled applications

An iGoldMine PDF Brochure is available:
GoldMine Premium CRM from RJ Consulting Services, LLC
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iGoldMine Plus
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