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Customer Relationship Management from RJ Consulting Services
GoldMine & Mastermine Integration
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GoldMine & Mastermine Integration
Oklahoma City, OK-based experts for customer relationship management software, RJ Consulting Services have
announced that their GoldMine
® software is fully integrated with MasterMine® Software solution, a fully-supported
business management and reporting product. MasterMine
® software will provide GoldMine® users with the ability to
make reports and build refreshable pivot tables using real-time data from GoldMine
®, for up-to the minute reporting that
streamlines business management.

While the latest customer relationship management software systems provide sales teams with a vast selection of data on
their customers and their sales processes, this data is still rarely quantified within the software. This means sales teams
are left with a range of information without the ability to sort the information into actionable data that can be used to
improve their business performance. Now, through the integration of GoldMine
® with MasterMine® Software, teams can
expand their data collection and organization capabilities.

® software has been designed to help save sales team members hours of work in updating their performance
data. Many of the repetitive updating tasks that cost companies thousands of man hours can now be completed in just
seconds! Another leading advantage of the system is that it allows team members to manipulate the data within Microsoft
Excel without the need for SQL skills. It’s a data management system designed to make GoldMine software perform
optimally for all growing businesses.

To learn more on the benefits of GoldMine
® integrated MasterMine® software, speak with the experts at
RJ Consulting Services directly via (405)720-3987 or visit our business website at  
MasterMine® Software.
MasterMine Software News Release
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