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GoldMine Cloud Software
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GoldMine Cloud Software from RJ Consulting Services, LLC
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GoldMine® Premium Edition has long been considered a leader in the Customer
Relationship Management industry.  Now with GoldMine
® Cloud subscription options
it's even more valuable to sales and marketing teams needing a full featured CRM
application accessible from any where at any time. GoldMine
® Cloud Workspace is a
Desktop as a Service solution that works like the standard desktop you use today.
The difference? Instead of your applications, data and OS being stored on your PC,
everything runs from our data centers in the cloud.

A GoldMine
® Cloud Workspace PDF Brochure with system requirements is available:
GoldMine® Cloud Workspace Brochure

A GoldMine® Cloud FAQ PDF is available:
GoldMine® Cloud FAQ

A GoldMine® Cloud Options Comparison PDF is available:
GoldMine® Cloud Options

A GoldMine® Cloud Workspace vs On-Premise Comparison PDF is available:
GoldMine® Cloud Comparison
Some of the features:

  • Full featured GoldMine® Premium Edition
  • Contact management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Opportunities
  • Every Think
GoldMine Cloud
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