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Customer Relationship Management Solutions
RJ Consulting Services, LLC
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RJ Consulting Services, Oklahoma City, OK   (405) 720-3987
Providing: Customer Relationship Management Solutions, Software, Customer Support & Consulting, Oklahoma City, OK. Worldwide Service.
Act! CRM Software
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Act! CRM Premium Software
Act! Premium & Act! Premium Cloud
Affordable and easy to use, Act! Premium is
purpose-built for individuals, sales teams, and small
businesses. With tools to help you be prepared for
every interaction, propel productivity, and make
insightful decisions, Act! Premium fits perfectly
between the chaos of sticky notes and the expense
and complexity of CRM software.
Act! Essentials
Act! Essentials is a simple, cost-effective way to
help you get organized, stay connected, and look
professional. It’s easy to get started, with no
technical hoops to jump through, and no long-term
commitment required.
Act! CRM Essentials
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Notes & History
  • Lookups & Groups
  • Email Marketing & Social Integration
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Integration with Outlook®, Google™,
    Dropbox and more!
  • Mobility
  • Marketplace Apps

The Act! suite of customer relationship
management solutions works the way you
work - with ultimate flexibility.
Act! Essentials & Act! Premium
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