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Act! CRM Software News Release

RJ Consulting Services presents their latest Customer Relationship Management suite of products

Act! Essentials and Act! Premium are now available from Oklahoma City, OK-based customer relationship management
software providers, RJ Consulting Services.

One of the original contact management program pioneers, Act! is still helping sales reps at small to medium sized
businesses achieve their sales goals and is still one of the best selling today.

With Act! Essentials, a subscription cloud basis CRM software solution, you can consolidate and manage your contacts,
activities, notes, and history in one organized place, accessible from anywhere. Easily create, send, and track
professional email campaigns and know who to connect with next. Act! Essentials is great for you loan wolves out there.  

Act! Premium on the other hand is a full featured application as either a traditional premise based or cloud based CRM
software solution for small business work groups and sales teams. With Act! Premium you can collaborate with your
team to stay up-to-date on the latest contact and activity details, automate best practice sales processes, and send targeted
email marketing campaigns – from in the office, or on the road.

Small businesses rely on the Act! portfolio daily to run, manage, and grow their business. Act! is the trusted solution to
help individuals, small businesses and sales teams organize prospect and customer details in one place, market products
and services more effectively, and drive sales results with mobility options so they can stay connected on the go. It
allows users to stay organized and feel empowered to run their businesses. Both desktop and cloud versions of Act! are
now available on subscription to provide maximum flexibility.  

To learn more about
Act! CRM Software, please contact the team at RJ Consulting Services directly at 1-405-720-3987
or visit their website at
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Act! CRM Software News
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